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Cope up with Hair Loss- How?

Coincidentally I met my school mates after a long span; everyone has diversified indifferent professions and running in a race of their daily chores. Everyone is living thesame lifestyle but in a hasty manner. The lifestyle changes with respect to their personaland professional responsibilities. None of us was looking young as we were few yearsago, but everyone was trying to look young. The most common issue I found in all of uswas hair loss. We were laughing on our common factor which is kind of tormenting if wenoticed it when you are alone.

Read MorePublished : 26-10-2015

Hair Loss And Your Emotions

Confidence is not something which can be wore as makeup; it is a positive state of mind. Positive thinking happens with numerous self attributes, behavior and other’s treatment with you. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy as those without it may fail and those with it may succeed because they have it rather than because of an innate ability. Confidence get hammered if someone is criticized may be because of his/her appearance, look. Even hair loss is still a major concern for most people. For many people mainly who are suffering from balding, hair is an asset.

Read MorePublished : 07-11-2015

How To Deal With Early Age Hair Loss

Early age hair loss

As per Indian Trichologist, Men are inching towards baldness as early as in their 30s. Premature balding is turning out more like a trend than rarity. Hair loss is so depressing when someone actually suffers from it. Earlier hair loss was a symptom during old age i.e. after an age of forty but now days it hits at very young age. It is a shock for a young person to discover hair loss in their 20s or 30s as it is much unexpected. In the beginning, he / she starts noticing excess shedding when they comb, brushes, and shower or shampoo their hairs.

Read MorePublished : 16-11-2015

Baldness and Heart Disease - Are They Linked?

Early age hair loss

Across the country, we find barbers advising their clients to massage their scalp for stimulating the blood circulation and to support the hair growth. Why do they do so or what is the logic behind it? It is assumed that in male pattern hair loss the hair follicles are miniatures, but if there is any way to increase the follicle size, there are possibilities men might grow hair again.

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