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Baldness and Heart Disease - Are They Linked?

Across the country, we find barbers advising their clients to massage their scalp for stimulating the blood circulation and to support the hair growth. Why do they do so or what is the logic behind it? It is assumed that in male pattern hair loss the hair follicles are miniatures, but if there is any way to increase the follicle size, there are possibilities men might grow hair again.

It was studied and published that men pattern hair loss or baldness is linked to the risk of heart disease but only if it is on the top or crown of the head. When this study was conducted for men under the age of 55-60 years, it was found that balding men were 44% likely to develop coronary artery disease.

The men experiencing balding at an early age are 84% more likely to have heart disease. The explanation for this study says the association of reasons for these symptoms may vary. The baldness may indicate insulin resistance, a sign to diabetes, a state of chronic inflammation, or increased sensitivity to testosterone, these all symptoms directly or indirectly lead towards cardiovascular disease. So the cardiovascular risk factor should be reviewed carefully in men with crown baldness especially younger men.

The best option for all people who are experiencing such issue is to proactively care for their losing hair. Having thick hair is always better so how will you have it? There are varieties of trusted and spurious solutions available in the market but selecting the genuine is the challenge.

NanogenIndia presents hair thickening shampoo which thickens hair from the first wash. This is a product Dermatological tested for sensitive scalps. It gives refreshing fragrance that lasts all day and the invigorating cleansing which you can feel working. This shampoo is without any harmful agents ensures your hair looks and feels best. You can go for any product that gives you desired results, but the regular cleansing and care is also essential to maintain hair and scalp healthier.
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