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Cope up with Hair Loss- How?

Coincidentally I met my school mates after a long span; everyone has diversified indifferent professions and running in a race of their daily chores. Everyone is living thesame lifestyle but in a hasty manner. The lifestyle changes with respect to their personaland professional responsibilities. None of us was looking young as we were few yearsago, but everyone was trying to look young. The most common issue I found in all of uswas hair loss. We were laughing on our common factor which is kind of tormenting if wenoticed it when you are alone.

Ours was most common type of hair loss which is triggered by various life changing events such as moving home, stressful lifestyle, pollution, heredity, a bereavement, etc. but modern lifestyle is not only the reason for hair loss your nutrient level is also trigger hair loss. If nutrient levels are low, it will be expressed through the hair. Hair follicles rooted in the scalp need to be surrounded by a rich supply of blood to ensure they are sufficiently nourished. Hair loss represents low mineral status specifically lack of zinc, selenium, calcium, sodium and potassium. While discussing on this problem, I noticed that people are having many myths about hair loss i.e. Hair loss is inherited from the male parent, Female hair loss causes abnormal menstrual cycle, Hair dye, hair spray and washing hair increases hair loss, etc. Being a victim of hair loss issue, I had started a treatment to heal this issue but before that I did some study about this on the basis of which I cleared misconception of my friends with following few facts i.e Both parents genes contribute to hair loss, Menstruation is not affected by hair loss, Hair styling and dying does not cause hair loss. A stressful lifestyle isn't the domain of men alone; Women are also losing more hair than they did in the past. Today Fifty per cent of women from 18 to 40 experience hair loss.

I shared my secret with my friends, which I found more effective than other time consuming and less guaranteed remedies. This effective remedy which I preferred is NANOGEN Hair Thickening Hair Fibers. The main difference about this hair thickening fibers is this product is made in UK. Nanogen is utilizing cutting-edge technology and is manufacturing Keratin Fibers which is identical to ones natural hair and these Keratin Fibers blend and merge with your current hair to make it look 10 years younger. It comes in 4 colors, Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown and Light Brown. I am happy that I made certain to my friends that now no need to get depressed by hair loss and early age old look, now looks 10 years younger in 30 Sec. with Nanogen Hair Thickening Fibers.

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Combining a decade of research and international patents, this range of instant hair concealers and treatment solutions for thinning hair established Nanogen as worldwide leaders.