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  Nanofibres® vs.
Couvre & DermMatch
  Nanofibres® vs. Toppik, Super Million, Megathik & Organin Nanofibres® vs.
Couvre & DermMatch

Nanofibres® vs. Haircubed,
Prothik & Mane
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Why are Nanofibres better than scalp dyes & colourants?

Scalp Dyes like Couvre and DermMatch are the oldest hair loss concealer apart from wigs, dating from the late 50 s. They stop the light coloured skin on the scalp showing through thinning hair, making the thin hair less noticeable. However whilst in theory this should work well, there are a few major drawbacks.

Colour matching:

Scalp Concealers are generally only available in one or two colours, even the best ones like DermMatch offer a limited colour range, and don t work as well on hair colours other than brown. This is because to dye your scalp to conceal its appearance you need a dark colour, dyeing it blonde or white won t have much of an effect. Nanofibres are available in a wide colour range, and will match any hair colour or skin type, even difficult tones. Uniquely, Nanofibres can be mixed to match highlights, tone variations, and various stages of greying hair.

“Dermatch ... can make your hair look kind of dull or powdery ”

Nanofibres use what are known as semi-opaque light scattering dyes, these dyes reflect light in the same way as your hair, they replicate the 1000’s of different shades and tones found in real hair. Additionally, a microscopic final coating on each fibre locks in the colour with a clear coat which avoids dullness or a flat appearance. Then the fibres are, “scoured,” giving microscopic irregularities the same as your own hair, so the fibres look exactly like real hair in any light condition.


To apply any scalp hair concealer you need to apply it directly to your scalp, some products, like DermMatch, have applicators to make this easier, but it can still be difficult. Additionally, as scalp syes are applied by directly touching the hair and scalp, application will remove some hair . This hair would have fallen out eventually, but with Nanofibres there is no need to accelerate the process. Nanofibres do not need an extra applicator, and don t require you to rub your scalp, quickly blending Nanofibres into your hair with your fingers won t dislodge or break even very fragile hair.

“There s nothing worse than looking at the applicator &
and seeing it contains some of your hair”

Also, applying hair loss concealers like these can be messy, Nanogen get many customers complaining that their old product stained the bath, or made a mess of the sink, even permanently stained tile grouting and paintwork. Some products like Couvre don t have an applicator, and some of these stain your hands when you apply them. Nanofibres have a colour-lock dye system and are a dry powder, so they fall on clothes they will just brush off, and will simply rinse off the shower or sink without the need for extensive cleaning afterwards.

The Hairline:

Any hair loss camouflage product aims to be useful everywhere, however the hairline is always the most difficult area to conceal. Unfortunately, no matter how cleverly applied a scalp dye will always be clearly visible if it is used on the hairline, and so concealment is not complete and the receding hairline still shows.

Nanofibres can be used anywhere, and effectively conceal hair loss right up to the hair line as they bond to your hair they don t leave an obvious line where they were applied.

Bright Light & Bad Weather:

Whatever the weather condition, Nanofibres won t let you down.

Bright light shines through the hair, so a scalp dye will leave the thinning hair exposed. Nanofibres actually thicken every hair up the shaft from the root so even direct sunlight won t penetrate through the hair and expose thinning areas. Moreover, Nanofibres are specially designed from the same protein as natural hair and dyed with a dye that mimics the 1000 s of subtle tones of real hair so they will look natural even in bright light

In strong wind hair blows around and rearranges itself, with Nanofibres attached to every single strand this does not matter as every hair in the thinning area is covered, however with a cream or dye on your scalp, hair rearranging with the wind can leave thinning areas exposed, revealing the dyed scalp.

All hair loss concealers are adversely affected by rain, and heavy rain will even wash out Nanofibres. Scalp dyes can run, and none are entirely waterproof, if they do run they leave obvious rails of dye which can stain clothing. However, Nanofibres have a colour-lock dye system so will not stain skin and clothing.
No scalp dye is entirely waterproof, some are very water resistant but to be truly waterproof they would have to be permanent like a tattoo, which they aren t. Nanofibres are water resistant as well, particularly when combined with the Locking Mist Plus and this is an area Nanogen's research will improve on. Whilst some scalp dyes are more water resistant they will all run to some degree if exposed to water for long enough, whereas Nanofibres will wash off immediately without losing dye and so will not stain clothing or skin.

Very water resistant dyes like DermMatch seem the obvious choice, however you still can t swim or get soaking wet with them, wet hair flattens itself to the scalp and the wet thin hair becomes more obvious. While using a scalp dye, wet hair will flatten, the scalp will become more visible and the scalp dye will become more obvious. So there isn t really a way to camouflage soaking wet thin hair.

Go with Hair thickener, though not waterproof

Scalp dyes have changed little since their invention in the 50 s and their main advantage that some of them are water resistant also has downsides.

Nanofibres have several patented technologies and more still pending, they are under constant development and Nanogen is at the forefront of electrostatic and hair loss research. Our technology is even being used under license by a car manufacturer designing new ways of getting a pristine finish on their prestige vehicles.

Nanofibres give unprecedented thickness and real weight to thinning hair that no colour or dye can achieve, combined with a truly undetectable finish right up to the hairline.

Try Nanofibres today, and never look back to the way things were.
Nanofibres® vs.
Haircubed & Mane
Nanofibres® vs. Toppik,
Super Million & Organin

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