Nanogen Combo of Hair Thickening Fibres 30gms with Locking Spray 100ml

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Nanogen Combo of Hair Thickening Fibres 30gms with Locking Spray 100ml

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KEY BENEFITS INSTANT & NATURAL RESULTS: Achieve instantly thicker and natural-looking hair. Style your hair without worrying about covering up sparse areas. Nanogen Hair Fibres have brought about millions of incredible transformations for our huge fan base of users. It is so easy to use and the results are incredible, our fibres are a virtually undetectable natural hair thickener. WITH KINETIC™ TECHNOLOGY: Patented Kinetic™ technology optimises the hair thickening effect with enhanced binding pattern & strength.

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Regular Price: ₹5,898.00

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Our world-famous Nanogen Hair Fibres are the perfect way for everyone to add volume and thickness to fine or thinning hair. Hair thickening fibres are easy to apply just like a styling product. Will bulk hair and conceal any areas of hair thinning or scalp show through in seconds. Available in 10 shades and suitable for sensitive scalps, our Fibres won’t clog pores or affect the penetration of topical treatments such as Minoxidil.



See The
Instant Hair Transplant
With Nanogen Fiber
Look 10 Years Younger
In 30 Seconds


Nanogen Fibres Should Be Applied Only On Dry Hair.

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How long does a jar of Nanofibres last?

Nanogen's Nanofibres 15 gms last approximately between 30 and 45 days and Nanogen's Nanofibres 30 gms last approximately between 60 and 75 days dependent on use. Simply shake (with the lid screwed on) to gauge how much you have left. Do not leave yourself short.

What do I do if the colour I have chosen is the wrong match for my hair?

We understand that when you first order Nanofibres, it can be difficult choosing a colour that suits you. If this happens, simply send the jar of Nanofibres back to us and we will swap it for an alternative colour for no extra cost.

Will the fibres become dislodged?

Applied correctly, Nanofibres can be used with confidence. We recommend applying a layer of fibres, followed by a few short bursts of Locking Mist Plus to hold them in place. This should then be repeated for extra volume.

Are Nanofibres safe to use with hair regrowth formulas such as Minoxidil?

Yes. These special fibres are completely non-toxic and do not interfere with any other Nanogen products, or other topical formulations that you may be using. Nanofibres are simply cosmetic preparation.

Can Nanofibres stain clothes or bed linen for example?

No. Our fibres are 100% colourfast so no dye is transferred to clothes, bedlinen or your scalp. If the fibres drop onto a surface, simply dust them away with a dry hand.

My hair is greying slightly - Are Nanofibres suitable?

Yes. You should sprinkle the main colour first (e.g. black, brown, blonde etc) followed by a sprinkling from a grey (or white) container. The fibres are completely dry and will intermingle perfectly. This method can be used with any colour combination (e.g. highlights).

How do I choose a colour?

Use the colour chart provided to find the closest suitable match for your hair colour, remembering that you can easily mix colours for different combinations (eg. slightly greying hair or highlights)

Are Nanofibres suitable for Afro-Caribbean hair?

Yes, Nanofibres are suitable for all hair colours and types, and will match any hair colour and texture.

How is Nanogen packaged and delivered?

Nanogen uses discreet packaging and is mailed out in non-marked boxes, so no-one will ever know you're using Nanogen!

Can I comb my hair after applying Nanofibres?

Yes but using a wide toothed comb. It is more for shaping than fine grooming. Most people just use their hand and fingers to pat their style into place.

Can I use hair products, like gel, with Nanofibres?

For best results apply Nanofibres to dry hair. If a styling product is necessary, style hair first then apply the fibres. Wet look gels/waxes may cause the fibres to clump and prevent them from attaching to the hair as designed.

How long after application will Nanofibres last?

They will remain in the hair until the next shampoo wash.

Can I use a hairdryer after applying Nanofibres?

If Nanogen's Locking Mist Plus has been applied, strong wind or a hairdryer would not dislodge the fibres – however, since Nanofibres should always be applied to dry hair, we do not recommend blow-drying.

What is Locking Mist Plus used for?

Nanogen's Locking Mist is used to bind Nanofibres to the hair, locking into shape the fir-tree pattern achieved from electrostatic charge. After using Locking Mist Plus, your thin hair will appear thicker and fuller even through wind, rain or perspiration.

Can I use a normal hairspray with Nanofibres?

You can use "normal" hairspray but due to the relatively large droplets of spray released, the fibres can be dislodged and bunch together losing some of the fine detail that makes the Nanofibre hair additions look so natural. Locking Mist is specially formulated to avoid this common problem. Also, many normal hairsprays come in aerosol cans whose pressure on release can dislodge the fibres.